Being Organized Pays Dividends!

PROCAD software applications provide powerful tools to manage your projects efficiently. If you expect good results from your design team, you can help them by ensuring all the front end preparation are completed before your staff get on with the design tasks. These steps includes:

  • For PROCAD’s 3D applications, define the project parameters such as specs, user roles, line number, etc.
  • For 2D applications, make sure that a standard is defined/selected for the project
  • Select and assign pipe specs to the project
  • Copy border drawings to be used into the project’s assigned directories

With these simple steps, you will ensure that all your designers are on the same page and working with the same set of tools. Their work will be consistent and according to project specifications.

We work dilligently to make your company more productive. Take advantage of PROCAD’s robust tools and your project will get completed on-time and on-budget. It will guarantee customer satisfaction and make profit for your company along the way.