Budgets for 2016

With 2016 approaching faster than we might like, budgets are the talk-of-the-town with the current economy. Familiar questions like: What to buy?, What to update?, What to retire?, What about training? All valid concerns moving forward into 2016. Due diligence must be used to ensure the company work-flow will be productive as the economy recovers.

For the Drafting Design team, it’s not a bad time to look at hardware and software upgrades. CAD hardware can be tested and upgraded or replaced so it’s ready to go.

Updating to the latest software release can allow for productive work-flows in the months ahead. Training or upgrading team member skills can also be a beneficial use of time. Click the link below to go to our update page to find the latest versions of PROCAD piping software; https://www.procad.com/resources/updates/