Cooperation Pays

When PROCAD embarked on developing SpoolCAD, we needed partners to help define the functionality of this product. As an experienced software company, we understood how to make the software, but it’s our users who possess a deep understanding of their work processes.
So we joined up with a number of pipe fabricators to define the framework for the software functionality and what needed to be added to our popular isometric drafting software. Our first SpoolCAD release in October 2012 was a good product. However, from customer and partner feedback, we added new features and a new module to make more the software more productive for them.
As we’re releasing SpoolCAD V2, we would like to thank our partners for helping us make the software even better. We hope SpoolCAD V2 will be well received by our partners and customers alike. After all, we design the software to make their life easier and their work more profitable.