Future of Computation

There are many buzzwords going around these days; cloud, virtual computing and Software as a Service.

The future for computing and corporate IT systems is definitely heading towards these type of services. It makes great sense to have others look after much of your IT needs, including software patches, upgrades and most importantly, uniform and timely backup. It shifts these responsibilities to mega companies like Microsoft and Amazon which have a great capacity and resources to provide these services with minimal interruption to business. All that at low rates that continue to tumble as more “gorilla sized” companies enter the fray and provide their own cloud services.

This is especially critical to SMEs. As IT and hardware maintenance costs continue to rise, it’s a great relief to just have someone else deal with these complex and hugely expensive tasks, both in terms of hard cost and time lost.

It also makes good environmental sense. Instead of having multiple servers running at a fraction of their processing power and consuming a great deal of electricity, shared computing power allows for maximum use of the processors while consuming the same amount for energy. Of course you need better capacity, just like filling all the seats on a plane, to make these services operate optimally. And that’s coming!

PROCAD is taking many steps to help its customers get the best of these new offerings while meanwhile becoming even more environmentally responsible as a result – a win for the environment, our customers and PROCAD.