Future of Software Acquisition

Software acquisition used to be costly to start with, and then came the upgrades. This made companies spend a lot of upfront cash and constant IT resources to keep their software up to date.

The trend has shifted. Acquiring perpetual licenses has proved to be costly as well as IT intense. Many companies are realizing the benefits of using software without actually having to buy it. In many ways, Adobe led the way by stopping the sale of perpetual licenses of their software by adopting the subscription model instead. Their success led to more companies (including Autodesk) to follow suit as a natural evolution of software supply: Rental, Subscription, SaaS and cloud based.

PROCAD is offering customers all the options they had before, plus the ability to rent the software on short term basis to get their projects done. We expect to come up with even more innovative and flexible options in the near future to reduce the cost of software and to make the design process so much more productive.

Stay tuned!