Need to create spools quickly, accurately, and readable? Here’s how SPOOLCAD can work for you! We break it down into three easy steps to create industry-standard spools:

Step 1

Draw the spool using pre-existing symbols and tools like the Auto-Route feature that connects components for faster, more accurate drafting.

Step 2

Dimension the spool with easy-to-use tools that prompt you through the process.

Step 3

Finish the spool with simple one-click tool operations by adding the required table information, including the BOM, Weld List, and Weld Count tables, to the drawing.

It’s that easy!

Want some guidance as you draw and create spools?

SPOOLCAD’s online learning tutorials benefit both beginner and experienced users! Check them out anytime, as they are available 24/7.  

Please contact us if you need assistance with any issues, as we’re here to help.