New for 2019 SPOOLCAD – Spec Driven Weld Gaps

The newly released SPOOLCAD 2019 Suite has a significant change in controlling weld gap values. In previous releases, the weld gap was a set value controlled in the Shop Settings Manager. This one value was for all specs, which limited the ability to assign different values for a particular Pipe Spec.

You asked, we listened!

In SPOOLCAD 2019, you can create custom Weld Gap Tables in the Shop Settings Manager. For example, a table can be created for the BW (butt-welded) fittings and a table created for the SW (socket-welded) fittings. Different values can be assigned for each pipe size, from 1/8″ up to 80″. As many tables as are required can be created.

This also means that you can have different weld gap tables for pipe specs with different materials. Example; if you have both CS and SS specs, you can control the weld gaps in the same standard but with different assigned gap values.

Once created and the weld gap values applied, you can use the Spec Generator to apply that table to a particular Spec, under the General Parameters for Welded/Flanged or Threaded/Socket Weld components.

More flexibility built-in to an already impressive software!

Stay Tuned!

A video tutorial will follow for an in-depth review of the procedure.