PROCAD continues its commitment to partner with companies and associations in the pipe fabrication industry. The goal is to listen to customers and improve SPOOLCAD by adding new features to meet their needs.

This includes exporting global project data from spool drawings for seamless integration into the workflows of all company departments. The enhanced SPOOLCAD features help automate tasks and reduce costly mistakes.

Exporting to PypeServer

The new interface facilitates the export of pipe cut lengths and profiles from SPOOLCAD drawings to the PypeServer® software. This feature saves time, reduces waste, and enhances accuracy.

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Interfacing with 3DPP software for Watts-Mueller Machines

The new functionality is designed to export spool drawing data through Comma Separated Values (CSV) files to be imported and processed by the 3D Profile Plus (3DPP) software to be sent to Watts-Mueller pipe profiler machines.

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Autodesk and Tech Soft 3D

SPOOLCAD is a complete spooling software and comes complete with built-in AUTOCAD® OEM software.

PROCAD has been a development partner with Autodesk, Inc. since 1991. Its pipe design add-on software products helped plant designers maximize the benefits of the generic AUTOCAD software.

In a 2010 agreement with Tech Soft 3D, PROCAD incorporated built-in AUTOCAD OEM to all of its products, including SPOOLCAD, P&ID, ORTHO, ISOMETRIC, and ELECTRIC.