Pipe Fabrication Software

Pipe fabrication is a significant industry. For fab shops to be productive, they need to work with effective software. The accuracy of the information including material, welding specs and built-in quality control processes makes a significant impact on successful delivery of their products and services.
Currently, most spool drawings are generated from 3D models and some of the information needed by fabrication shop are often missing. This is due to the different emphasis placed on the data in isometric drawings from consulting engineers’ point of view versus the needs of fab shops.
SpoolCAD is PROCAD’s newest product was designed to address some of these issues. By creating the existing isometric software designed for consulting engineers, we received many requests from fab shops over the years to add more features and make it more adaptable to their needs. We released SpoolCAD V1 last October and it was well received by fab shops by including the added functionality. In continuing our discussions with a number of large pipe fabrication shops, we learned even more about their needs and added a new module and features to improve their processes to ensure accuracy, which translates to profitability.
SpoolCAD V2 is in beta testing and release is expected in Q4 2013. This is PROCAD continuing initiative to be more responsive to the needs of its industrial pipe fabrication customers.