PROCAD Goes Social

PROCAD Enters the “Social” World

Our company has always focused on new technology and innovation as it pertains to our software. With many of you in our industry using social media, and we felt it was finally time for us to look at the latest technologies and innovations to better connect with our customers. PROCAD is now participating in the world of “Social”!


The focus of our blog “T2P” (Talk 2 Piping) is to talk to the piping industry and for you who are in this industry to talk to us. We will be sharing with you behind-the-scene looks into what drives our company’s decisions and the individuals behind those decisions. We invite you to join the dialogue and tell us about your ideas and concerns, what and where you want to see this industry going, how you want to get there, and any other topics that come to mind. Simply create a free account and start participating in the T2P Blog.


After attending a conference at Mount Royal University, it was amazing to find out that nearly 600,000 adults in Calgary are on Facebook. There are more than 750 million active users worldwide! That being the case, I think our users in Calgary and beyond will find this a convenient forum to connect with each other and share some of their experiences with PROCAD and fellow pipers. This is also a great place to share events and news as it pertains to our industry.


We promise not to tweet about what we had for lunch, or what the weather is like. Rather, we will put out interesting tidbits on products, promos, events and news.

Romy Tittel, VP Marketing