Progress vs. Familiarity

Technological progress is a good thing! We enjoy its benefits every day whether it involves improving our work or providing us with fun gadgets.

It is worth noting that sometimes too much progress all at once may not be the best thing. Windows 8 user interface was a good example of good intentions that don’t fly with users. Microsoft is a good company and its response to customer complaints was quick and effective.

So to move technology forward, we have to take chances. At PROCAD we’ve experienced firsthand both the benefits of new technologies and also endured customer ire when let’s say we changed things a bit too much. As we are creatures of habit and when we like something, we don’t want it changed – radically anyways.

It is good for companies like Microsoft (and PROCAD) to push forward with ideas and new ways to do things. Sometimes we hit the nail on the head, and sometimes we end up with a sore thumb. Either way, we continue to help our customers get the benefits of new technologies.