SPOOLCAD interfaces with PypeServer

SPOOLCAD added new functionality to export data from its spool drawings to PypeServer® software. The interface exports pipe lengths and associated outlet or branch fitting locations from spool drawings to be processed by the PypeServer’s software.

Pipe data from spool drawings transmitted through CSV (Comma Separated Values, aka Excel) files is easily imported by the PypeServer software.

PypeServer’s Enterprise software is widely used by fabrication shops and works with most major pipe profiling machines, including Vernon, HGG, Machitech, and Lone Star Cutting Solutions. PypeServer’s Lyte software works with positioners and saws from TigerStop, RazorGage, Scotchman, and Kentucky Gauge.

Complement your PypeServer software by adding SPOOLCAD. It will improve your productivity and reduce data transfer errors.