We recently published a new website for SPOOLCAD software.

The reason for separating the SPOOLCAD product from our main PROCAD website was to clarify its functionality. Many website visitors were confused about the difference between SPOOLCAD and ISOMETRIC, and for good reason. The new site provides more information on SPOOLCAD to help visitors understand its powerful features and the productivity gains it can bring to their company.

While SPOOLCAD was built with all of ISOMETRIC software’s features, it was extensively reworked to fit the needs of pipe fabrication. While the ISOMETRIC software is an excellent tool to draw isometrics, it lacks critical functions needed by a pipe fabricator.

This additional functionality includes but not limited to:

  • Weld mapping
  • Weld gaps
  • Spool weights
  • Calculating paint surface area
  • Allocation to add heat numbers
  • Labor codes
  • and many more features

SPOOLCAD also comes complete with the SHOP SETTINGS MANAGER and Advantage BOM applications.

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