For those users with administration rights and/or privileges set in their workstations, you now have more flexibility for individual system settings using the newly added User Settings Manager in SPOOLCAD. With the new manager, you can adjust default settings  like Grid Snapping, Menu Icon Size, and the AutoCAD Version & Profile. This manager saves users needing access to IT personnel to set basic permissions and settings.

In past versions, these settings were done through the Setup Maintenance module (usually requiring “Administrator Rights”).

Here’s the new User Settings Manager dialog box and its default values:

User System Settings that can be adjusted are:

  • Grid Snapping – enable/disable
  • Menu Icon Size – small/large (use large for 4K monitors)
  • Reset Drawing Manager Window Location (used for multi-screen setups)
  • AutoCAD Launch Preferences: 
    • Version
    • Profile

Here’s the updated Setup Maintenance dialog and adjustable settings:

More flexibility for the end user!

This article is part of our continued effort to help customers learn and use the software effectively.

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