What Does PapriCAD Mean for Your Bottom Line?

One of PROCAD’s core objectives has been to provide our customers with a cost-effective solution for their piping and electrical drafting needs. Towards this end, we have endeavored to embed the CAD platform directly into our modules.

We had discussions with Autodesk® to provide us with embedded AutoCAD® for years, and only recently, this opportunity was realized. We jumped on this opportunity which led to the creation of the PapriCAD® line of products.

PapriCAD 2D is the first product to be released. It replicates all of 2D DESIGNER applications with the added bonus of AutoCAD® OEM embedded right into it. This package provides a  complete solution in a single purchase and combined installation process. But equally important is the cost-savings that we have achieved through acquiring AutoCAD OEM from Autodesk – and we’re passing these savings on to you, our customers.

It would be worth your while to take a look at the sample price comparison below. It paints a clear picture of the tremendous savings your company will realize in future purchases of new or upgraded software.

* Based on standalone licenses. AutoCAD OEM included in PapriCAD products. Prices in US dollars.

In this comparison, we just showed the savings when purchasing PapriCAD P&ID package vs. purchasing AutoCAD only, and vs. AutoCAD P&ID. The saving are as significant when you choose other PapriCAD applications: Piping Suite, Plans & Elevations, Isometrics and Electrics.

To receive pricing or request a quote, please contact PROCAD Sales.