What’s Next for Piping Design Software

Piping design has come a long way since the introduction of affordable CAD. Software from Autodesk and Bentley made CAD affordable for every size company. CAD was at one point the domain of large engineering companies that spent millions of dollars to deploy piping design software.

With Microcomputers, and thanks to Intel and Microsoft, the cost of setting up CAD workstations for piping design tumbled from the stratosphere down to earth.

The cost of computers and CAD software made it possible to develop vertical applications for piping design. In addition to drastically improving productivity, new piping software was also instrumental in reducing costly mistakes.

There is now so many flavors of 2D and 3D piping software that provides great flexibility to companies of any size, or even the individual contractor to choose the right software for their budgets and needs.

Through continued R&D, vision and customer feedback, PROCAD is always working on bringing better solutions to its customers. Will we at some point have software that does the actual piping design, yes but not immediately. Meanwhile, significant product improvements from most software vendors are making the piping designer’s job much easier. Or at least this is the plan!