SpoolCAD V2 Benefits

For our SpoolCAD V1 customers, be aware that we have a new release of the software: SpoolCAD V2. With so many new features, you’ll be pleased to know that we don’t stand still even with a good release like V1.

Here are some of the new features in SpoolCAD V2:

  • New Shop Settings Manager module to customize weld and fabrication settings
  • Function to add up spool weights
  • Quick count of total weld diameter-inches
  • Ability to define weld gaps by individual pipe size
  • Option to include or exclude weld gaps when dimensioning
  • Customizable weld list table
  • Choice of weld ID tags
  • Addition of heat numbers in the BOM
  • Pipe end prep tagging
  • New attribute-rich border drawings for English and Metric units

If you’re on the Subscription Plan, you’re entitled to a free upgrade. Otherwise, please contact us and we’ll be happy to provide you with upgrading costs.

September 25, 2014