Many compelling reasons help pipe fabrication shops choose SPOOLCAD as their primary spool drafting and fabrication software.

Many adopt SPOOLCAD by finally moving away from inefficient manual drafting. Equally true is many companies are switching from their currently unsatisfactory spooling software. We believe these are some of the reasons gleaned from existing SPOOLCAD users’ feedback: 

  • Exceptional service provided for every aspect of software ownership like technical support, training, and upgrades
  • Superior graphics with the built-in latest version of AUTOCAD® OEM
  • Easily share files with customers and subcontractors through highly portable DWG and Excel files
  • Allows users to create an unlimited number of drawings with a single license fee
  • Project-based architecture to minimize mistakes caused by the accidental use of incorrect specs or standards
  • Easy for staff to master the software with its intuitive operation and background compliance checking
  • Comprehensive training videos are available 24/7
  • Fully customizable by the customer to match company standards and procedures
  • Prompt same-day technical support virtually eliminates any work interruptions
  • The software comes with complete Onboarding Services to ensure smooth software introduction and deployment
  • A complimentary training session is included for new users to get staff quickly drawing impeccable spools
  • Its integrated systems seamlessly connect the drafting office with the shop floor
  • All critical project data can be exported to procurement and accounting through many different formats: Excel, text files, or HTML files
  • Flexible license types: standalone or network
  • Many license duration options: monthly subscriptions, 1-year or 3-year terms
  • Competitively priced, starting at $8 per day with built-in AUTOCAD OEM

So please try it yourself by downloading our fully functional 15-day free trial. During the trial period, you can request a web meeting to answer any or all of your questions.

Reviewing our complete online tutorials, you can also get a headstart by learning more about the software’s functionality and features.