Streamline operations with a complete spool drawing and data management software solution.

SPOOLCAD includes built-in AUTOCAD® OEM

SPOOLCAD is also available as an add-on to your existing AUTOCAD and comes with a 25% discount

SPOOLCADS’s Latest News

  • SPOOLCAD License Return
    Return your SPOOLCAD subscription license in less than a minute!! Just purchased a new computer? Want to transfer your active SPOOLCAD software over to it? Or are you upgrading your…
  • Working with “Mixed Units” in SPOOLCAD
    For users that need to work with “mixed units” (using “inch” pipe sizes, but lengths and dimensions in millimeters), this can be set within the Standards Manger module. SPOOLCAD works…
  • SPOOLCAD 2019 Support Ends
    As of April 1st. 2022, PROCAD will no longer support SPOOLCAD V2019 (add-on to your existing AUTOCAD) and SPOOLCAD+ 2019 (with built-in AUTOCAD). The products will no longer receive any…

SPOOLCAD is an intuitive, intelligent and comprehensive software solution for pipe spool fabricators looking to upgrade and streamline their operations with 21st century technology.

Businesses that implement SPOOLCAD into their operations have access to the best spool drawing software on the market, as well as an extremely effective tool for seamlessly sharing and coordinating vital project data with various teams throughout their business — from initial design to the shop floor, QC, accounting and procurement.

With the help of SPOOLCAD, you will make the entire production process simple and effective: Whether drawing spools or manufacturing them, SPOOLCAD is an innovative approach that will make your business better organized, more efficient and, most importantly, highly profitable.

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