SPOOLCADS’s Latest News

  • SPOOLCAD interfaces with PypeServer
    SPOOLCAD added new functionality to export data from its spool drawings to PypeServer® software. The interface exports pipe lengths and associated outlet or branch fitting locations from spool drawings to…
  • Video Tutorial – Global Pipe Cut List
    A new feature, Global Pipe Cut List, will be available in the upcoming SPOOLCAD 2024. This feature enhances BOM data export for the pipe segments from the project’s spool drawings.…
  • A customer’s experience with SPOOLCAD
    This testimonial confirms PROCAD’s continued commitment to providing customers with excellent products and services. This has been a PROCAD core value we’ve cherished for the past 30+ years. A valued…

SPOOLCAD is an intuitive, intelligent, and comprehensive software solution for pipe spool fabricators looking to streamline their operations.

Businesses choosing SPOOLCAD will be impressed by its excellent performance. This highly effective software facilitates the ability to produce data-rich spool drawings. It also provides seamless sharing of vital project information between the teams tying the drafting office to the shop floor, QC, accounting, and procurement.

SPOOLCAD makes your business more efficient and profitable.