SPOOLCAD is an intuitive, intelligent and comprehensive software solution for pipe spool fabricators looking to upgrade and streamline their operations with 21st century technology.

Businesses that implement SPOOLCAD into their operations have access to the best spool drawing software on the market, as well as an extremely effective tool for seamlessly sharing and coordinating vital project data with various teams throughout their business – from initial design to the shop floor, QC, accounting and procurement.

With the help of SPOOLCAD, you will make the entire production process simple and effective: Whether drawing spools or manufacturing them, SPOOLCAD is an innovative approach that will make your business better organized, more efficient and, most importantly, highly profitable.

We understand that different businesses have different needs. So we offer different licensing options to suit your specific requirements:

  • Monthly subscriptions or yearly licenses to fit project timelines
  • Standalone or network licenses to fit software distribution and utilization protocols
  • License fee covers unlimited number of spool drawings

SPOOLCAD Suite is a complete software solution for spool drafting and data management at a very affordable rate—as low as $4.00 per day. What you see is what you get: There are no additional hidden fees.

SPOOLCAD uses cutting-edge technology and takes pipe spool fabricating to the next level. With exceptional functionality, SPOOLCAD offers pipe fabricators a complete system for spool drafting and data management, as well as advanced features like isometric spool drawings, BOMs and weld maps, which streamline operations and improve efficiency.

Here’s a list of included features:

  • SPOOLCAD Suite comes complete with built-in AUTOCAD® OEM 2021.

    You can also order SPOOLCAD as add-on to your existing AUTOCAD 2021-2017 and receive a 25% discount
  • Comes with all the modules you need to organize your work environment
  • Comes with bundled Advantage BOM
  • Fast project start-up with its project tools and user-friendly interfaces
  • Easily create pipe spool drawings with minimal CAD skills
  • Reduce drafting time and mistakes with intelligent behind-the-scene error-checking for standards compliance
  • Generate the following lists:
    • BOMs
    • Weld maps
    • Weld counts
    • Labor codes
  • Produce detailed calculations for:
    • Weld diameter-inches
    • Spool weights
    • Paint surface area
  • Share with your customers:
    • Drawing files saved in the industry-standard DWG™ file format
    • Print PDFs of your spool drawings

Comprehensive services to get you started

As part of the SPOOLCAD Suite software package, we provide training and technical support to help your staff get up-and-running, quickly and efficiently, while helping them make the most out of our software. As an adopter of SPOOLCAD, you will receive the following services:

  • Free assistance for best setup during the installation and deployment process
  • Free technical support by email or phone with same day response
  • Free comprehensive software tutorials
  • Free and timely software updates
  • Upgrade entitlements
  • Custom web or onsite training by request

We will always keep you informed of the latest software releases or enhancements through our regular blogs and newsletters.

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Powered by AUTOCAD OEM

SPOOLCAD comes with built-in AUTOCAD® OEM 2021 providing you with exceptional CAD functionality. Your drawing files are also saved in DWG™ file format making it easy to share designs with your customers, suppliers and other project stakeholders.

The built-in AUTOCAD OEM cannot be customized or used to run other third-party add-on applications.

Let SPOOLCAD work for you

SPOOLCAD is the perfect pipe spooling and fabrication software for a wide range of users:

Piping Fabricators

Draw pipe spools and let your shop build them with confidence as it conforms to your customer’s project specs.


Owner-Operators can create fabrication-ready spool drawings inhouse to conform to their exact standards. When transmitted to pipe fabricator, they safeguard accuracy and expedite construction.

Independent Welder & Inspectors

Draw isometrics and spools at the office or onsite and send for fabrication-ready drawings to the shop without the need to be redrawn—saving steps and assuring accuracy.

Engineering Contractor (EPC)

Efficiently manage and track progress of the drafting and construction of piping systems with minimal cost and minimal errors from projects ranging in size, users and complexity.

Draw spools

SPOOLCAD is the premiere spool drawing software with a wide range of features for improved drawing capabilities, improved accuracy and optimal efficiency.

  • Fast drafting of accurate and detailed pipe spool drawings ready for fabrication
  • Pipe spec-driven for design accuracy to reduce costly mistakes on the shop floor
  • Project managed to ensure customer standards are followed: define project approved pipe specs, drawing appearance, weld gaps schedules, drawing borders and location to store project files
  • Passive background piping design checker alerts user when straying from correct piping design protocols
  • Automated isometric dimensioning with sub-dimension feature for small fitting outlets
  • Automatic BOM generation with pipe cut lengths and individual fittings to accommodate heat number variance
  • Welds lists generating and tagged on each weld in the drawing
  • Comes with industry standard border drawings adaptable for each project
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Facilitate collaboration with SPOOLCAD’s project management tools that help spread vital project data throughout your business. Output your data in multiple file types for greater accessibility, communication and teamwork.

  • Generate comprehensive global lists for BOMs, weld maps, weld counts, labor codes
  • Calculate weld diameter-inches, spool weights and paint surface area
  • Save output files in multiple formats: drawing (DWG), CSV (for use by programs like Excel), Web (HTML) and text (.TXT) files
  • Share project drawings with your customers:
    • Drawing files saved in the industry-standard DWG™ file format
    • Print PDFs of your spool drawings

Manage materials

Accurate material reporting ensures materials are ordered on time and correctly charged to each customer’s project. Generate material reports for the entire project, a single or a group of spools (or drawings), or report by line number(s). Create material reports in any of the following formats:

  • Insert BOM into your spool drawing
  • Comma Separated Values (CSV) for use by programs like Excel
  • Web format (HTML)
  • External text (.TXT) file
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Included modules

Standards Manager

Control project settings to ensure consistency from start to finish.

  • Define project units: English, Metric or mixed English/Metric
  • Define allowable pipe specs
  • Set scaling factors for symbols, layering and colors
  • Choose border drawings to be placed in drawings
  • Set dimensioning variables

Spec Generator

Create your own pipe specs from SPOOLCAD’s vast database of components in a variety of ratings and materials.

  • Database includes pipe ratings from 150 to 2,500 lb and pipe sizes ranging from 1/8” to 80” (3mm to 2,000mm)
  • Included generic carbon steel and stainless-steel ANSI pipe specs for 150, 300, 600 and 900 lb ratings
  • Generate new pipe specs
  • Organize and edit existing specs
  • Add new material and other options to the source database

Shop Settings Manager

Define project fabrication settings to conform with customer standards.

  • Weld gap tables defined by individual pipe sizes or by pipe spec
  • Choice of when to apply weld gaps in dimensions
  • Weld tagging choice; alphabetical or numeric
  • Weld ID tag style options
  • User-defined weld table
  • User-defined weld count table
  • Pipe End Prep tags
  • Component weights table
  • Paint surface area tables

BOM Settings Manager

Customize material reports by creating multiple report templates to extract material information to accommodate your project’s schedule, material availability and delivery timetables.

  • Decide on the components to be included in report
  • Set sorting sequence
  • Define BOM item numbering format
  • Decide on the appearance of the report by choosing font type, size, grouping headers, etc.
  • Define CAD options when BOM is to be placed in a drawing
  • Ability to preview reports in case adjustments are necessary

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Advantage BOM included

The SPOOLCAD SUITE also includes Advantage BOM as a cost-effective bundled solution for your company’s material costing needs.

During the bidding stage, Advantage BOM allows you to generate a variety of global BOM reports from customer supplied PCF or IDF files. This will help you more accurately estimate project material costs and avoid costly shortfalls from inflated quotes.

By using supplied project data to work with makes the difference between winning the contract and completing it profitably.

Advantage BOM reports can be customized to fit specific parameters, including:

  • BOMs for individual spool drawings
  • Global BOMs for multiple spool drawings or all the spool drawings in the project
  • BOMs for selected materials like stainless steel