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The Story of SPOOLCAD

SPOOLCAD tutorials

Software License Activation

Screen Layout: Watch Me First!

Module 1: Creating a New Drawing

Module 2: Placing Pipe & Components

Module 3: Dimensions

Module 4: Generating a Bill of Material

Module 5: Fabrication Tools

Module 6: Annotations & Plotting

Module 7: Piping Offsets & Dimensions

Included modules

Standards Manager Tutorial

Spec Generator Tutorial

Shop Settings Manager Tutorial

BOM Settings Manager Tutorial

Advantage BOM Tutorial

More SPOOLCAD features

Global Pipe Cut-List Tool

New Components Added in Release 2023!

Attribute Extraction

Watts-Mueller Export Tool

Weld Tag Prefix Characters

Using Pipe Supports

PypeServer Export Tool

Using Pipe Wall Thickness

Updated Lap Joint Tool

New Components – Socket Weld Inserts

Updated Mark Number Tool

Updated Weld List Tool


Multi-Pipe Tool

Paint Surface Area

Weld Gaps

Global Weld Lists

Component Weights

Dimensioning Spools

Component Data – Part 1 – Dynamic Attribute Edit

Component Data – Part 2 – Manual BOM Edits

Component Data – Part 3 – Editing Dimensional Data

AUTOCAD functions, features, and commands

4K Monitor Support

Zoom and Pan

Selecting Objects

Object Snaps

Modify Tools – Part 1 – Move/Copy

Modify Tools – Part 2 – Rotate/Mirror/Scale

Modify Tools – Part 3 – Trim/Extend

Modify Tools – Part 4 – Stretch

Hatch Patterns


AUTOCAD Design Center

Plotting Tutorial

Custom Borders

PDF Imports

XREF Concepts