License Types

You can order SPOOLCAD with two options; Standalone or Network licenses. Software managed by our RLM Reprise® licensing system.

Standalone Licenses

Standalone licenses are installed on a single computer.

They are tied to the computer’s hardware. SPOOLCAD will only run on the computer it is installed on.

The standalone license cannot be moved or shared with other users. It is most suitable for laptop computers or single-user workstation setup.

Standalone licenses are also referred to as Node Locked Licenses.

Network Licenses

Network licenses provide a cost-saving way to share licenses and simplify software asset management.

SPOOLCAD software can be installed on many computers. The License Manager is installed on the company server to manage license count. This ensures users get their license when it does not exceed the number of issued licenses.

To use a network license, the user must be connected to the company network servers. This allows the software to access the License Manager and verify license availability.

Network licenses are also referred to as Concurrent Licenses.